Past Events

Culinology Club Wageningen is responsible for hosting events around the subject of culinology at Wageningen University & Research. Here you will see the media collected from our past events. If you want to join one of our future events see the agenda!

An Intro to Beer Science inc. a Tasting of Beers From MishMash Amsterdam

Dimitris Lykomitros (brewmaster at MishMash Amsterdam, Amsterdam's first beer laboratory) provided a brief overview of beer styles and the brewing process, with special emphasis on the ingredient and process steps that are commonly adjusted to deliver specific flavors in the final product. Finally we concluded with a tasting of some beers from the brewery, as well as some examples of process defects discussed in the first part.

RCA Launch Wageningen Student Society featuring Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

It was amazing to have Gracielle van der Kuijl (R&D technician, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate), give an overview of the cocoa and chocolate production processes, along with a tasting session of different cocoas and chocolates.