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Joining as a member of the RCA

If the field of culinology interests you at all and/or you feel like you want to learn more about the discipline and maybe even have a career in the field in the future, joining the RCA as a student member is for you.

Network of Industry Professionals

One of the most important benefits of joining RCA as a member is gaining access to a network of industry professionals, ranging from food scientists, chefs, research chefs, and educators to business professionals. This network can be especially helpful for students, due to e.g. the so called “RCA connect”, which is an online interactive community where members can ask questions and seek answers from other members.

Tonnes of Learning Materials

RCA members have access to tonnes of learning materials related to culinology, from webinars, articles and infographics, to the Culinology magazine, ranging from a diverse list of topics, like plant-based meats, dairy products, chocolate, and walnuts to many, many more.

Discounted Entry to Future Events

By joining RCA you will gain a sizeable discount to all events hosted by RCA Wageningen. In addition, you also gain discounts to events hosted by RCA, like webinars. A complete list of all the other unique benefits of joining RCA is visible here.

In general, a student can gain invaluable access to knowledge and networking opportunities in the field as a student member of the RCA. The membership fee is $35 dollars annually for a student.